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What size options do I have?

Ironman Properties offers flexible spaces with sizes ranging from 1,575 sq ft to 12,600 sq ft.

Are there Overhead Doors? Dock Doors?

Yes.  Currently there are Four 16 ft Drive-In Doors and there is the ability to have a Dock as well.  Additional doors can be installed as needed.

What type of power is available?

Every bay has 200 amp three phase power.

Is there a floor drain?

Yes. Each Ironman Properties bay has a 12 foot long trough floor drain.

What type of fire safety do you have?

Our facility uses a top of the line fire sprinkler system.  Furthermore, Ironman Properties keeps all of its fire safety equipment well-maintained and we also perform periodic testing and inspections to ensure our equipment continues to function properly.

Am I allowed to renovate my existing space?

Yes, you are allowed to renovate however only after submitting plans to the owner and having those plans approved, in writing, by the owner.

Are there any restrictions on nature of business?

It’s not likely however we do reserve the right to restrict in some cases.

Are there any business hour restrictions?

There are no restrictions on business hours or days of the week where the tenant can operate their business or receive clients and customers.

What about cable, internet and telephone?

All utilities are the responsibility of the Tenant to be arranged through the respective provider.  The property has the ability to have high speed internet up to a Fiber connection.

Are there taxes, fees or extra costs in addition to rent?

Renter pays all of their own utilities.
Owner pays all the CAM, security lighting, snow removal, lawn care, irrigation, building insurance and taxes.

Are the terms of the lease negotiable?

At Ironman Properties, we are willing to negotiate the terms of your lease.

Please contact us and we will be willing to discuss your terms and needs.

What is the base rent on usable square footage?

Modified gross rent $1.00 per square foot per month and renter pays all of their own utilities.

Can I sublease my area?

No, we do not allow subletting.

Subletting can be risky. If your subletter skips town or causes damages the area, you are both jointly and severally liable. Sometimes there are better options then subletting your unneeded space, please let us know and we will explore options with you.


What if my question is not answered in the FAQ section?

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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